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Managed Account

The Blockman Capital Managed Account provides you with simple secure access to the world of Blockchain Assets, with the highest security levels. The Blockman Capital Managed Account removes the complexity surrounding access to Blockchain Assets and takes the difficulty out of deciding which Blockchain Assets to buy – all from an easy to use platform, with the highest levels of security provided by Blockchain Investment experts.
The Blockman Capital Managed Account operates for 12 months and provides quarterly valuations via you online secure account area. 
When you have decided how much to put in, simply open your account by clicking on the button below and pay in the level of funds you are happy to invest and the team at Blockman Capital will take care of everything else. It could not be easier.

Active Account

When you have opened a Blockman Capital Active Account – your online portal. You will have access to a secure account area.

From here you can view daily performance of your investment as we mark to market each day. You can also access your funds within 24 hours at any time with no fees or penalties.

In simple terms, you will always be able to see the daily move of your investment, and if you decide you want to withdraw some or all of your funds this will be completed within 24 hours of your request.