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Here at Blockman Capital, we have a team of professionals with combined experience of 50 years in financial markets. The team is comprised of skilled traders and qualified analysts. They bring to bear techniques and strategies developed over years in the equity, FX and commodity markets.

These other markets have historically been slow to move when compared to the exciting asset class of cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, through backtesting over a number of months, our team has found that the tried and tested techniques and strategies can be applied to cryptocurrencies. We also have our own “skin in the game” as we actively trade our own funds.

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We understand that the cryptocurrency market is relatively new and can prove difficult to access. This is exactly why our team at Blockman Capital can help you. We give you clear and easy access to the exciting asset class backed up by a team of qualified professionals.


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  • We are UK based and welcome visits to our office.
  • Our traders monitor all open positions at all times throughout the trading session.
  • We employ the most stringent of risk management techniques.

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Here at Blockman Capital we take all the difficulty out of capitalising on opportunities in the Blockchain space. Our team of traders and analysts will deploy your investment on your behalf in carefully researched methods to try and generate the best return.


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It’s well documented how explosive the cryptocurrency market is. Here at Blockman Capital we trade both sides of the market by employing both long and short trading to exploit the significant intraday moves. The key is to minimise the losses through stringent risk management and capitalise on the gains by running trades to their optimum valuation.

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Digital Currency Market Values

Blockman Capital supports a variety of the most popular digital currencies.

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All of our traders are qualified to at least RDR level 4 with the CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment)

Skilled traders and qualified analysts (all hold CFA) (Chartered Financial Analyst) qualifications

Team of professionals with combined experience of 50 years in financial markets

We are UK based and welcome visits to our office.

We employ the most stringent of risk management techniques

Your funds are kept safe in segregated bank accounts

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